About US

Decoration Real Estate Company was established in 1997 and so far with a period of 26 years, with steady steps, methodology, strategy and objectives studied according to studies and analyzes. Its work is summarized in real estate development, marketing and construction work to achieve the highest profits in return for the highest levels of safety. Most of its work is in the Republic of Turkey - Istanbul.

Our vision:

 The company has a far-sighted vision according to the strategy of preserving customers, achieving profitable deals, raising security and stability, not entering into any high-risk deals at all, and gradually maintaining profit.

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    The goals of the company:

    Decoration House Real Estate Company aims to work on a professional basis according to extensive studies, analyzes and statistics in providing all profitable opportunities in the field of real estate investment in Turkey. The company also aims to guarantee the best prices, offers and investment opportunities in the Turkish real estate market for the benefit of our customers. In addition to gaining the confidence of all Arab and foreign investors with professional and successful work. Our great passion in the real estate sector in Turkey, which is the focus of our great interest, and our continuous work to search for the best opportunities that meet the needs of our customers, made us exceed all the expectations of our valued customers and also our competitors. Now, we can say that Decoration House Real Estate Company is the ideal destination for investors in the Turkish real estate sector looking for the best real estate offers in Turkey according to high quality standards.

    The Company Board of Directors:

    1- Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Mustafa Mateen

    2- The Director General, Mr. Muhammad Al-Khanna

    3- Member of the Board of Directors of Mr. Moulay Driss El-Shenani

    4- Member of the Board of Directors, Mr. Thamer Hassan